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The Maremma knife, already manufactured in the first half of the 19th century in Maremma, in southern Tuscany and in Lazio as far as Civitavecchia, bears in its name the memory of a wild land where it is still used today by the Butteri Maremma and is a faithful and indispensable companion.

Maremma with leaves knife already produced in 1800 in Scarperia maintains particular characteristics, the shape of the rounded but slender blade recalls a leaf and is a main quality of the knife, the handle is made from a single piece of horn or wood, where only the spring and the blade. Its strong and elegant appearance make the Maremmano a knife still in great demand today because it is suitable for all uses. The Maremma regional knife is made according to tradition using the best raw materials making it a unique folding knife, symbol of a land where this traditional knife is still the protagonist in daily life.

Maremmano a foglia 1


Cutting jewel, the Maremma leaf knife with damascus blade.

Coltello Maremmano damasco1



The Nazzareno Maremma it is a poor knife originally from the Tuscan Maremma area produced in Scarperia since the mid-1800s. The first certain information on this model dates back to 1848 precisely. The most famous example of the Maremma knife is dated 1871 and belonged to a convicted brigand named " PESCECANE” and still preserved in the State Archives of Florence, attached to all the procedural documents. The name of the cutler from Scarperia, to whom it was commissioned, a certain Gustavo Buffi, is still clearly visible on the blade. The rounded but slender blade recalls a leaf and is the main feature of this knife, built from solid horn from a single ox point cut in the middle to make room for the blade and spring. The versions produced in Scarperia and the older specimens were decorated with engravings called "stripes" along the entire handle. Coltello Nazzareno 2Coltello Nazzareno 2


Maremma Pianella Knife

The maremma Pianella Knife enters the production of Scarperia in the early nineteenth century, when the blade of the Maremmano knife underwent a gradual transformation: the portion of the rib towards the tip acquired a false edge obtained with a clear bevel on both sides. Even if the production of this folding model was abandoned after the war, the Maremma slipper knife has remained completely unchanged, as demonstrated by many old catalogs dated 1914, 1924, 1930 and 1936.

The Maremmano a Pianella knife still produced today by our master cutlers in Scarperia, is a regional folding knife made from a single piece of precious ox horn or wood, has a 9 cm long satin blade, and has a traditional spring locking system simple.

Maremmano a pianella 1




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